• The Devil In Me EP on iTunes

    Devil In Me EPiTunes Editors Note: “Pony Boy is searching for a connection, and it’s not just the usual take of looking for love in all the wrong places. She aims to make musical connections between Nashville’s gaudy rhinestones and outlandish Nudie Suits, the stark power of Chicago Electric Blues, and the idiosyncratic and freeing vibe that drives Tom Waits deeper down the rabbit hole…”The Wander” sounds like the carnival has come to town and infiltrated a Lucinda Williams tune of longing. The title track reimagines Loretta Lynn as a sophisticated city woman playing with a crack band of rockers. “Happy Ever After” vamps with a menacing sense, while “Easy Money” could be a lullaby for angst-ridden loners.” Avail to purchase here


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  • Happy Ever After Feat on GOTHAM

    The Sept 29th episode of FOX’s new neon noir drama, GOTHAM, will feature Pony Boy’s, Happy Ever After from The Devil In Me EP. Set your DVR’s or go over to your parents house to tune in and pick up the EP HERE. Gotham1-e1405561011797



  • KEXP Song of the Day: The Devil In Me

    Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 9.21.07 AM“With a whiskey-worn voice that would make Tom Waits proud, the LA-via-Nashville artist Pony Boy’s ragged country captures the gutter-laden spirit of both cities… The most fascinating aspect of “The Devil In Me” isn’t its distorted stomp of a rhythm or its nebulous bass-and-organ pacing, but Bradanini’s nonchalant, alluring delivery. The characters in the song live up to the title’s implied lurking darkness, but in Bradanini’s hands, they’re detailed sketches of the less-than-glamorous, but no less colorful, scenes of Nashville after 2 a.m….“The Devil In Me” shows that Bradanini can capture and tell similar tales with a balanced mixture of disdain and sympathy with a voice that’s just as powerfully dichotomous.”  Full article here

  • 5 Spot Favorites: East Nashville Show

    Playing an early show at The 5 Spot in East Nashville this Thursday. Backed by members of Steelism with a great line-up for the night.Sept 18 Pony Boy 5 Spot Flyer



  • Yep Roc Records show North Carolina

    the station may13Early Yep Roc showcase tomorrow at The Station at 6pm in Carrboro, NC.

    I’ll be joined by the talented Jeremy Fetzer and Spencer Cullum Jr. Come out if you can!

  • American Songwriter Premieres If Only He Were You video

    american songwriter“The Artist: Magnetic-voiced singer-songwriter Marchelle Bradanini, a.k.a. Pony Boy
    The Video: “If Only He Were You,” from her Old West and heartache-obsessed EP The Devil In Me.” Very excited about the release of this video shot out in the Blue Mountains of Australia.

  • A Conversation with SHK Magazine

    Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 2.31.01 PMI spoke with SHK Magazine about everything from Nick Cave, recording to an 8 track tape machine, great new artists, singing after eating a cheesecake chango and what should be on your music reading list.


  • EP Review Pop Culture Beast

    Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 9.26.53 PMThe Devil In Me is an excellent six-track EP by Pony Boy, whose real name is Marchelle Bradanini. She is based in Nashville, and while there are some country elements to these songs, there is something much darker and exciting here. A lot of the appeal of this album is due to her vocals, and everything she’s able to convey with them, everything she’s willing to. She seems to really open herself through her voice, exposing her weaknesses, her vulnerabilities, her sorrows. – See full review at: http://www.popculturebeast.com/2014/03/cd-review-pony-boy-devil-in-me.html
  • The Devil In Me Video premieres on A.V. Club

    Head on over to The A.V. Club see the new video for, The Devil In Me, shot around some classic old Nashville haunts! http://www.avclub.com/article/ponyboy-goes-gold-devil-me-201865



  • People of Letters SXSW Edition feat. Pony Boy (covering some L Cohen)

    5211A very rare and hugely successful offshoot of the smash-hit Australian literary salon Women of Letters, People of Letters returns to SXSW. Honored to be a part of this special event along with Mike Love, Steve Roggenbuck, Thor Harris, Emily Kinney, Marian Mereba.

    *Hint: My letter and cover will be about a song written by one my favorite wordsmiths, Mr. Leonard Cohen.

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